This post is all about my trip when I was in Melbourne, Australia few months ago (at February to be exact). If you follow my blog than I am more than sure that you have seen some of my Melbourne photos before. However, in this particular post I will show you the compilation of all street photos that I shot there.

Took this photo when I was waiting for automated teller machine processing my cash

One lens in one city. I took all photos here only with my Fujifilm X100F. No other cameras, and no wide or tele converter. Purely shot only in 35mm (full frame equivalent) angle of view. Read here for my opinion about Fujifilm X100F in street photography.

As I wrote before inĀ here, I divide street photography into two types: Story telling about human life and visual art in daily life. Therefore I will post my photos in two sections as well.

Story telling about Melburnian’s life

It is all about how I extract stories about people’s activities in Melbourne through my camera’s viewfinder. This is the way I tell stories and documenting how life works in Melbourne. It is more about what story inside frame rather than artsy feel. I am focus more on their action, lifestyle, facial expression, and gesture.

Visual art in Melbourne City

it is all about artistic images that consist of strong diagonal line, shadow, silhouette, and geometry. This is how I represent Melbourne’s scene in more unique way, based on my imagination and vision. I put more into surreal effect feeling rather than photograph things in accurate or informative way.

Personally, visual art in daily human life means how our universe coincidentally create a form of art in decisive moment by blend two or more elements together (human, light, geometry, colours, etc).

That is all of my collective photos from my last trip in Melbourne. Definitely a bliss to have chance to shot there. At first, I do not have any high expectations about this city, but it turns out this is a lovely experience to shoot street scene in Melbourne! Definitely will come back when I have chance, and perhaps I will try to shoot at different focal length (50mm perhaps?).

See you!

Keep shooting and stay inspired,

Nico Harold